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Considering an electronic or "e-diploma" as an adjunct to the traditional paper diploma? Here are reasons why your graduates may appreciate and value an e-diploma.

Just A Click Away - Utility

You would not want to send your valuable paper diploma to a prospective employer. On the other hand, you can easily send a secure, unalterable PDF e-diploma to as many employment agencies as you wish. Or, just have us keep a view only diploma on our site

E-diploma Directly From You Or Us

Let your graduates know they can order from you or from us. If desired, we will create a web page for student orders. After order verification and payment we will send the e-diploma directly to the student. Or, we can provide a link to our viewing site. What's more this process ordinarily takes only 5-7 days.

Custom Desiged E-diploma Document

e dtploma

We'll design your E-diploma document with signature and certification . . . with your school colors if desired. Any other information you would like to include as well.

Documents signed digitally in Adobe Sign provide evidence of each participant’s signature within the document itself. During the signing process, the signer’s certificate is cryptographically bound to the document using the private key uniquely held by that signer.

During the validation process, the reciprocal public key is extracted from the signature and used to both authenticate the signer’s identity through the CA and help ensure no changes were made to the document since it was signed. Audit trails provide additional valuable information, such as the signer’s IP address or geolocation.













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