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  Diploma and Announcement Printing Processes  
  Perma raised Thermography - Perma raised® is a special heat-resistant thermography process designed to withstand the high temperatures of laser printers without melting, smearing or distorting color.   Embossing - An ink free process in which a design or text is pushed into the back of the paper using pressure. This is typically done using a metallic die and a counter die. The resulting appearance on the front of the paper is a raised representation of the intended design.   Engraving - Engraving is a process using pressure and ink that resembles embossing in nature. Ink is coated over a diewith an image or text etched into it. The excess ink around the non-imaging area of the die is wiped clean. The remaining ink resides only in the printable area of the die.
  Flat Printing - Lithography is a printing process in which the image area is neither raised nor depressed. Ink adheres to the image area and is repeleld by the non-image area. Offset printing presses most often are used to transfer the image from a plate to a rubber blanket. The image is then printed from the blanket on the printing press to the paper.   Foil Embossing - Also referred to as Hot Leaf Embossing, includes a combination of both the embossing and foi stamping processes. This process requires both heat and pressure to push the design through the back of the paper onto the foil an die at the same time. The resulting effect is a raised metallic image on the front of the paper.   Foil Stamping - Also known as hot stamping, is a process involving heat and pressure along with metallic foil material to stamp a design or text onto the front of the paper. The look of the finished product is similar to an ink, but is generally very shiny in appearance.
  Full Color Raised - The four basic process colors combine to print full color products with added texture and dimension of thermography.   Full Color - The four basic process colors (cyan, magenta, cyan and black) combine to print full color products.   Multi-color Inks - The multicolor ink option offers you the flexibility to highlight your school seal or logo with additional colors.